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ReLEx Smile: costs, procedure, risks & side effects, the laser eye method

WhenMyopia / farsightedness, astigmatismPreliminary examinationAdvice and diagnosis as to whether the wearer of contact lenses or glasses is ultimately suitable for the refractive procedureanesthesiatakes place under local anesthesiaDuration of surgeryAbout 30-48 seconds per eye, the laser operation takes about 22-30 minutes in totalOP processRegional anesthesia on the eye, eyelid spreader is placed, performed with the eye laserAftercareProtect eyes from stress and external influences (e.g. water, dust, friction), no strenuous activities, avoid UV radiation, keep postoperative practice appointments, do not apply make-up for about 2-3 daysHealing timeabout 1-2 weeksAgefrom 18 yearsriskminimalPainnopossible side effects E.g. eye redness, foreign body sensation, dry eyes, ghosting (double vision)durabilitypermanent (presbyopia can still occur)costsin German eye laser clinics from around 1070 euros per eyeHealth insuranceStatutory health insurance companies do not normally pay, private health insurance companies differentlyDeduct taxyes by extraordinary stressrequirementsapprox. -9.50 diopters to +4.75 dpt, and moreContraindicationsNot suitable for cataracts, cornea that is too fine, severe changes in vision in the last 12-13 monthsAlternative to the ReLEx smile treatment
surgical lens exchange, LASIK, Femto-Lasik