Dell A215 Speaker Specifications Howard

Dell A215 2 speakers Reviews

I had the Dell A215 speakers for several years and no real issues. Nice sounding. It has a dial that turns and to adjust the volume. It is controlled by software on the PC to change bass, treble and stuff. No reliability issues at all. The tuning dial did eventually become loose. No big issue though as the speakers are now several years old. I am a big fan of Dell as they have given me excellent tech support over the years with them. Good products at a nice price. The speakers are not a home theater, but are adequate and music sounds very good on them. Much better than any radio I have lying around the house. The speakers have an ac adapter and also plus into the back of the PC. In summary, decent small speakers with nice sound.


Pittsfield, ME


I've had these speakers for several years now. They started out so-so and have deteriorated from there. I was dumb. Rarely did both speakers work, and I assumed it was because some outputs were mono. I've since realized the problem was in the wiring. I eventually discovered that twisting the wires at the computer output connection would get both speakers to work. However, that didn't last forever, as twisting probably wore the bad wiring until it became destroyed wiring. Eventually, twisting did not get both speakers to work. The next phase was that it became necessary to twist the wires to get mono to work. As time wore on, more twisting became necessary. It degenerated from a little tweak to a lot of turning to a struggle. Frankly, I've given up on the things and just use my laptop's rather weak internal speakers now. This purchased proved to be a very disappointing one. Most Dell items I've purchased have at least been satisfactory, but these never were.


Appleton, WI


We bought these speakers when we bought our Dell desktop. They look nice on our computer desk, but they don't work so great. When you first turn the dial to turn them on the sound doesn't come through until you get to the 2nd tick mark on the volume level ticks. Then when the sound does come through it is loud. So to adjust the volume if you don't want it very loud you have to go to the computer and adjust the volume on the screen. This is kind of a pain. Just wish the speakers worked like I would expect them to. Also when you crank the volume up the sound quality is not very good. It's rather crackely. We don't use the speakers on our computer that often, so maybe the price was right for what we got. If we were to shop again for speakers I would love for a different brand - something made by a well known speaker company - not speakers made by a computer company. I would not recommend these speakers to a friend.


Escanaba, MI