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Normal lessons for the 9th grade after the Easter break (see timetable)


Making school operations in the Free State safer with regular and continuous tests: This is to be made possible by self-tests for Bavarian teachers, other school staff and pupils. From April 12th, regardless of the incidence in the respective region, only students who

  • have taken a self-test at school with a negative result under supervision or
  • have a current, negative Covid-19 test (PCR or POC rapid antigen test carried out by medically trained personnel). Such tests can e.g. B. be carried out in the local test centers, at doctors or at other suitable locations. A self-test carried out at home is not sufficient here.

Pupils who are preparing for the various high school diplomas in the current school year need our support.
For this reason, the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, together with Bayerischer Rundfunkt, produced around 80 learning videos last year that specifically prepare for the exams in mathematics and English at secondary school.

In these short video clips, experienced middle school teachers explain the content of these two subjects relevant to the exams using carefully selected examination tasks from recent years. The learning videos can be accessed independently of the digital device at




Read more about this in the letter to parents below.

2021-03-26 Parents information lessons
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The following timetable applies to the week from May 3 to May 7, 2021 for 9a:









Religion (all)


Sun / Te




Religion (all)


Sun / Te




maths GSE Sun / Te










PCB / info


English (Quali-Student)




German / Info art

English (Quali-Student)

The OGS takes place daily from 1 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. There is no bus at 2.30 p.m.!

Both ninth classes can be taught completely, as we can keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters with 15 students per class. The classes have no common lessons and no common OGS. Students must wear a mask, but it does not have to be an FFP2 mask. Recommendation: surgical mask.

1. I go to the Mebis site and enter my username and password:

2. Then I go to "learning platform" in the menu bar on the left:

3. I open my class 9a:

4. Now I open the subject in which I have to do my homework, e.g. German. I find my homework down here, it's always the hand that holds the sheet of paper.

In addition, I can find many more exercises, files, films, etc. from the last few days and weeks as repetitions as well as some online exercise sites.

5. To enter my homework I have to click on "edit submission" below:

6. Now I can either upload a file (Jpg, PDF, Word ...) or I type my homework into "Enter text online".

At the end I always have to click the blue field "Save changes" below!

7. Some tips:

For math homework, for example, it is better to upload a jpg file. The best thing to do is to enter German homework directly into "Text input online", as well as English homework.

After a certain time, you will also find the evaluation and / or a comment from the teacher on your homework here.

Don't worry, only your teacher can see your assignments, files and ratings, but not your classmates!

Assignment in art until Thursday, March 25th, 21st (!!!)
Submission by 25.03.21.pdf
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AA Informatik - Hardware.pdf
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The double commandment of love - love of God & love of neighbor
Information sheet for the parable - The merciful
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AB The most important bid.pdf
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AB solution The most important bid.pdf
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What names and titles does Jesus have in the Bible?
What names and titles did Jesus have in the
Adobe Acrobat Document 53.0 KB
What names and titles did Jesus have in the
Adobe Acrobat Document54.4 KB
Read the text carefully!
What surprises you
What do you know
Write down your answers below the worksheet!
The historical Jesus.pdf
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In search of the unknown Jesus - work assignment
In search of the unknown Jesus
Adobe Acrobat Document 579.7 KB
In search of the unknown Jesus - solution
Solve the tasks, use your religion book, the internet, friends and family as a source of information.
I wish you success!
In search of the unknown Jesus
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Representations of Jesus - work assignment
Use your religion book to solve the given tasks!
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Representations of Jesus solution of the work order
Representations of Jesus Solution.pdf
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1st task

Read page 45 in the student book carefully! Use the results of the survey to compile the statements that you can agree with! Record this on a pad of paper. Then choose the statement that suits you the most and express that statement in your own words.

2nd task

Read page 44 of the student book. Try to write similar text without rhymes or celebratory language. You could just start with the words: "You know, Jesus, I would love to be with you ... You don't have to read the text to anyone. Please file it in your religion folder.

3rd task
Read Mk 6:15 in the Bible - What does the passage tell you?

26.3. Social

14.4. Grammar test (parts of speech, parts of sentences)

16.4. GSE

21.4. Religion (all students)

23.4. PCB

28.4. maths

30.4. English Short Sample: Vocabulary and Grammar Unit 5