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Rubik's Cube Solver

The online Rubik's Cube solver calculates the steps necessary to solve a twisted Rubik's Cube. Enter the colors of your twisted puzzle, click the "Solve" button and follow the instructions in the program.

Press the "twist" button and try to figure out the solution yourself by twisting the surfaces.

Before you start

Select the view you like the most with the little buttons above the cube or click Help for more assistance.

Solve the twisted cube

Ways to solve the twisted cube:

  1. Pick a color on the palette and paste it on the surface of the puzzle, or click the selected box multiple times to change the color

  2. D.: Rotate the bottom layer clockwise
    Do face rotations on the puzzle using the rotary knobs

    Rubik's Cube notation

    The rotations of the six sides of the puzzle are marked with letters:
    F (front) - front
    R (Right) - Right
    U (Up) - upstairs
    D (Down) - Downstairs
    L (Left) - Left
    B (back) - back
    Each letter signifies a ninety degree clockwise turn of the page.
    Left turns are marked with an apostrophe, while double turns are marked with the number 2.
  3. Shuffle with the twist key or return to the loosened position anytime click reset.

Calculate the solution

Click the Solve button when twisting is configured correctly and wait for the program to find the optimal solution. Follow the instructions and run the rotation list you want.

How can I learn to solve the Rubik's Cube?

Solving the Rubiks Cube seems difficult, but there are a few algorithms that can be learned to remember.
Learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube here!

Each color must be added exactly 9 times.Each edge must be added onceOne edge must be flippedEach corner must be added onceOne corner must be twistedTwo corners or two edges must be swapped RotationsInvalid twistingThe solution could not be foundSetting the alignmentUnusual color schemeClick here for the layer- by-layer solutionPlease configure the encrypted cube before pressing the delete button.Close this window and check your cube! Align the twisted cube and press the solve button to see the solution. SolveEach color must be added exactly 9 times .A color cannot be used more than once as a middle field.ClearResetTwistErrorShare this pagehttps: // to solve a magic cubeThere are uncolored fieldsCalculating the solution. Please wait patiently! tblue-yellow start position done!