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Flight radar costs

What should the use of flight radar cost?

Depending on the provider of your choice, you can use flight radar for free or for a fee. At Flightradar24 there are currently four different usage models. Flightradar24 calls these models subscription plans. They are divided into "Basic", "Silver", "Gold" and "Business". The essential options for tracking flights are of course possible in the basic version. However, Flightradar offers the retrieval of additional data for a fee.

The Basic subscription is of course free of charge.

The silver package costs € 1.49 per month. With this package, you can secure advertising-free use of the flight radar and historical data on flights over the past 60 days.

The Gold Package is available to you for € 34.99 per year. It includes all the options from the silver package. It also gives you access to historical flight data for the past 365 days. You also have the opportunity to access global weather information in combination with the flight radar.

The package for business customers is available for € 499.99 per year. Flightradar24 expressly addresses this offer to companies. Flight tracking business functions are included in the package. It is specially licensed for companies and offers detailed information on weather, lightning and special airport views. However, this package is not suitable for private users.

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Things to know about flight radar costs

The following video explains flight radar costs with many practical examples. It demonstrates how flights can be tracked. No matter whether with the mobile phone, the tablet or on the PC. You can follow flights whenever you want. But now to the video: Learn everything about flight radar costs.