Who is Jophiel in the Bible

Archangel Jophiel


The archangel Jophiel is the angel of enlightenment. He lets us see truth and beauty and sends us valuable messages.

While in the Bible only the names Michael, Gabriel and Raphael Find mentioning, numerous other religious scriptures speak of further angels and archangels. Jophiel comes from Jewish tradition. Its task is to bring people enlightenment and to lead them out of the darkness to joy and knowledge.



Who is the Archangel Jophiel?


Jophiel brings clarity, helps with decisions and shows what is right. He supports us in New beginnings and give the Quiet and patiencethat are necessary to implement projects. In particular, it teaches us to recognize beauty and to gain joy, and it brings out the ability in us to spread beauty ourselves. Creativity, aesthetics and design also fall into his area of ​​responsibility.




The Archangel Jophiel: symbols and attributes


As Angel the Enlightenment Jophiel is often depicted in bright light and with a torch in hand. He is the guardian of the golden-yellow ray of wisdom, his energy is described as gentle and motherly - therefore the view is often found that it is a female angel. It is not possible to make a clear statement about this; Depending on personal experience, Jophiel can be perceived as male or female.


The Archangel Jophiel and the meaning of his name


The name Jophiel (Hebrew יוֹפִיאֵל, also: Johiel, Iophiel, Iofiel, Zophiel) can be translated with "The beauty of God" or "God is my truth". Like the other archangels, he also has the component -el in his name, which means "the mighty" or "God". Jophiel lives up to his name by teaching us the beautiful and the true.



Guardian angel: Jophiel as patron saint


Jophiel is that Patron saintof creatives, artists, inventors and discoverers. With acuteness and inventiveness, wisdom and patience, he helps us to implement what we have set out to do. With him at our side, we not only succeed in starting something, but also stay on the ball - even when we are plagued by setbacks and doubts. Even those who venture into unknown territory and have the courage to change or create something can rely on Jophiel.



The Archangel Jophiel and his messages


Jophiel wants to help those who want clarity. He brings a deeper understanding of things, strengthens our intuition and can help us Decision-making processesassist. Through him we receive important inspirations, recognize higher goals and distinguish right from wrong.


One of the main messages of the Archangel Jophiel is to find the great truth in beauty and joy. He brings happiness and Enjoyment of life, Quiet and inner peace. He transforms chaos into order, he lets harmony return to interpersonal relationships.


Jophiel also encourages us to start new things and to follow our path. He shows what to do and gives us strength. Should we get in doubt on the way, he is by our side and gives the patience and calmness we need to move on. So he is also there for people who feel disoriented, perhaps have lost hope. He shows you how to leave burdens and darkness behind and learn to appreciate the good things around you.


Jophiel helps us to beautify the world and our immediate surroundings - even on a small scale, for example when it comes to furnishing the apartment or the workplace in such a way that we feel comfortable. Since it promotes knowledge and mental agility, it can also be of assistance to all those who are studying or preparing for an examination.



Important messages include:

  • Direct your gaze to the beautiful around you, recognize the beauty of the moment
  • Change your perspective and develop a new perspective
  • Overcome negativity and bring more joy into your life
  • Dare to break new ground and change something
  • Use your intuition and trust your inner voice
  • Recognize the problems that stand in your way and find solutions to them
  • Don't give up and show perseverance in pursuing your goals
  • Bring calm into your life and patiently move forward in small steps

The Archangel Jophiel provides assistance with these topics:

  • Finding ideas
  • Solving a problem
  • Implementation of a project
  • Design an art project
  • Learning new skills
  • Prepare for an exam
  • Maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Differentiate between right and wrong
  • Creating order and structure
  • Gaining a positive attitude
  • Overcoming tribulation and desolation
  • Overcoming an addiction, smoking cessation



What makes Jophiel so special?


Jophiel's characteristics seem perfectly tailored to our time: Lots of people have with stress and rush to fight and feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions that are expected of them. The fear of making mistakes is great. And since we are often electrified from morning to night, we lose sight of the beautiful that surrounds us. The calming, balancing and enlightening nature of the Archangel Jophiel therefore comes especially to meet us and helps us to deal better with the demands of our everyday life.


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