How to delete user profile Windows Vista

Delete user profile in Vista

This article describes how you can delete a user profile in Microsoft Windows Vista and later because the delprof command no longer exists.

"In the past" it was still possible with delprof, unfortunately not anymore. If you want to delete a user profile on a Vista machine, now (roughly speaking) 2 steps are required:

  1. Deleting the user directory
  2. Deleting the registry entry of the profile

Delete the user directory

The easiest way to delete the user directory is via the command line:

takeown / f "drive: \ Users \ username" / a / r / d j
rd / s / q "Drive: \ Users \ username"


takeown takes over the ownership of the user directory here.

assigns ownership to the administrators group

applies the command recursively

takes ownership even if the current user is not authorized to do so (y) or terminates the execution of the command (n)

Computer executes the command on an appropriate computer

User sets ownership for the specified user

Password may be necessary for specifying the user

rd (or rmdir) then deletes the specified directory

also all subdirectories and files

without prompting for confirmation when using / s

Delete the registry entry for the profile

Open regedit to delete the registry entry: Click on Start and enter regedit. Then, press ENTER.

Under HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList, delete the SID key of the profile to be deleted. You can identify the ProfilePath by clicking on the key. You can see this on the right. It contains the username.

Log out and log back in with the deleted user. The new user profile is created.

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