How much is 500 g of meat

Serving size table - How many pasta, meat ... per person?

When friends come to visit on the weekend and half a football team has to be cooked for, the question is again how much has to be cooked for each person. For this reason, we have created an overview of the common portion sizes of food that you can use as a guide. How many pasta, meat, potatoes, rice .. per person? You can find out here!

How many pasta / spaghetti per person?

For pasta or spaghetti, 120-150 g are common as the main ingredient.

  • Pasta as the main ingredient: 120-150 g
  • Pasta as a side dish: 50-80 g

How much meat per person?

For boneless meat, 150-200 g is common as the main ingredient.

  • Boneless meat: 150-200 g
  • Meat on the bone: 200-250 g
  • Processed meat: 150-170 g

How many potatoes per person?

For potatoes, 180-250 g is the usual main ingredient.

  • Potatoes as the main ingredient: 180-250 g
  • Potatoes as a side dish: 150-250 g
  • Mashed potatoes as a side dish: 150-200 g
  • French fries as a side dish: 150 g

How many vegetables per person?

For vegetables, 400-600 g is common as the main ingredient.

  • Vegetables as the main ingredient: 400-600 g
  • Vegetables as a side dish: 150-200 g

How much fish per person?

For a whole fish, 300 g is common.

  • Whole fish: 300 g
  • Fish fillet: 150-200 g
  • Seafood: 150 g

How much rice per person?

With rice, 60-80 g is common as a main course or side dish.

  • Rice as main course / side dish: 60-80 g

How much salad per person?

With a potato, leaf or cucumber salad, 125-150 g are common as a side dish.

  • Potato, leaf or cucumber salad as a side dish: 125-150 g
  • Leaf salad as a side dish: 80 g

How much soup per person?

In a soup, 400-500 ml is the usual main course.

  • Soup as a main course: 400-500 ml
  • Soup as a starter: 200-250 ml

How much asparagus per person?

For asparagus, 400-500 g is common as the main ingredient.

  • Asparagus as the main ingredient: 400-500 g
  • Asparagus as a side dish: 200-250g

How much cheese per person?

40 g is common for semi-hard cheese.

  • Cut cheese: 40 g
  • Cream cheese: 30 g
  • Soft cheese: 50 g
  • Raclette: 200-250 g (more at

How much sausage per person?

10-25 g cold cuts are common for sausages.

  • Cold cuts: 10-25 g
  • Spreadable sausage: 30 g
  • Hot dog: 100 g

How many cakes / tarts / pastries per person?

150 g is common for a cake or a tart.

  • Cake: 150 g
  • Pastries: 120 g
  • Donuts: 90 g

How much ice cream / dessert per person?

150 g is common for a dessert.

  • Dessert: 150 g
  • Scoop of ice cream: 60 g

How much sauce / dressing per person?

80 g is common for a sauce.

  • Sauce: 80 g
  • Pesto: 50 g
  • Dip / dressing: 15 g