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Calculate vehicle leasing - Austria leasing calculator

Calculate monthly car leasing rate and interest

Enter the purchase price, the own funds used, the term (months) and the remaining amount of the vehicle and calculate your Leasing rates and Lease interest per month.

What is meant by "leasing"?

The word “leasing” comes from the English “to lease” meaning “to leave”. In leasing the focus is on leasing an object for "use" by the lessee.

The lessee freely determines the object he wants, negotiates the conditions with the supplier; the lessor acquires ownership of the object and makes it available to the lessee for use in return for payment.

Finance leasing (investment financing)

  • Full amortization contracts
  • Partial amortization contracts
  • Leasing contracts with advance payment (own funds)
  • Sale and lease back contracts

Operating leasing (rent)

  • Short-term rental of properties (e.g. to compensate for capacity bottlenecks)

Forms of vehicle leasing in Austria

  • Car leasing
  • Combination vehicle leasing
  • Truck leasing
  • Semi-trailer and trailer leasing
  • Omnibus leasing

Calculate leasing online

In order to get results from a leasing calculator, you need some information about the vehicle and the conditions. These include:

  • The purchase price including special equipment
  • The amount of personal contribution and the deposit
  • The lease term
  • The leasing interest rate leasing
  • The residual value of the leased vehicle

Basically it works with Car leasing It is about the fact that a leasing company buys the motor vehicle that you choose from a dealer and then makes it available to you for a fee, the leasing rate.

Questions and information on the subject of vehicle leasing:

In the following, the most important information on the subject of vehicle leasing is summarized and explained in more detail.

What types of car leasing are there?

In general, there are three types of leasing.

Partial amortization

With partial amortization, which is also called residual value leasing, you only pay part of the acquisition costs for the vehicle in the form of installments. A residual value remains open at the end of the term. With this leasing variant, the rates are generally lower than with full amortization.

Full amortization

With full amortization, the vehicle is financed in full over the course of the contract by paying the installments.

Depot leasing

Last but not least, there is depot leasing. With this variant, the residual value, which amounts to a maximum of 50% of the acquisition costs, is deposited at the beginning of the contract. This deposit represents a one-time deposit. This deposit reduces the overall burden.

How can you keep the leasing rate low?

As just mentioned, by paying a one-time deposit you can ensure that the leasing rate is subsequently reduced. Assuming that the vehicle to be leased costs 50,000 euros and you pay 25,000 euros in the form of an advance leasing payment, the assessment basis for the monthly leasing rate is only 25,000 euros.

residual value

Why is it so important? This is understood to be an estimated value that is intended to indicate the expected value of the motor vehicle at the end of the term. This depends on the one hand on the selected model, but also on the contract duration and the annual mileage. If you subtract the residual value from the acquisition costs, you get the basis for calculating the monthly leasing rate. As a rule, this rate should correspond to the depreciation of the vehicle per month. The residual value is important because the lessee has to pay the difference between the residual value and the sales proceeds to the company if the company can only resell the vehicle for less than the calculated value.

Can you lease a used car?

It is basically possible to lease a used car. The basic requirement for this is that the previous owner is a person entitled to input tax deduction. In practice, for example, it is possible to lease a demonstration vehicle from a car dealer or vehicles from other leasing contracts.

What happens if the interest rate changes?

If the interest rate should change, the effects are precisely regulated in the leasing contract. It may be the case that the leasing rate, if variable interest rates have been agreed, is adjusted when the interest rate level changes. However, if you are suitable for a fixed interest rate, the interest rate does not change even if the market interest rates change.

Additional Information:

It is advisable to take out fully comprehensive insurance in addition to liability insurance. So you are covered in the event of damage for which you are responsible and you do not have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Many leasing contracts even oblige the lessee to take out fully comprehensive insurance.

You can also do the usual fixtures in a leased vehicle, such as attaching a trailer hitch, at any time. If in doubt, you can read the provisions on the installation of accessories in the leasing contract.

In general, the lessee is free to let other people drive the leased vehicle. The only requirements for this are possession of a driving license and general roadworthiness.

Furthermore, you can go anywhere you want in a leased vehicle. The lessee acts like the owner of the vehicle, so that he is responsible for compliance with the applicable regulations.

If an accident occurs with a leased vehicle, the lessee is obliged to fill out an accident report as usual and to report the damage to the insurance company immediately. Subsequently, the claim is settled between the lessee, the insurance company and the workshop.

It is possible for the lessee to withdraw from the lease prematurely. One should bear in mind, however, that additional costs can arise in the course of this project, especially if the contract is to be terminated after only a short period of time.

If the lessee defaults on payment, the lessor can terminate the contract early. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to contact the leasing advisor in the event of probable difficulties in connection with the payment so that a solution can be found together and the contract is not terminated. It is also possible, if you cannot or do not want to continue the leasing contract, to announce a successor. In this case, he can easily take over the existing leasing contract.

It is advisable to compare the different providers and their offers before concluding a leasing contract. Every lessor offers different conditions, so that the consumer is spoiled for choice. So you can choose the offer that best suits you and save a lot of money. You should also read the terms and conditions in the leasing contract carefully in advance, as there are differences in connection with early termination, claims processing, warranty and repairs. It is possible that some lessors incorporate clauses into their contracts that can be very expensive for the lessee.

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