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ma {n} (colloquial form of mother) :: Mamma {f}, mother {f} mañana {adv} (tomorrow) SEE: tomorrow:: Maastricht {prop} (capital of the province of Limburg in The Netherlands) :: Maastrichtmacabre {adj} (representing or personifying death) :: macabremacabre {adj} (ghastly, shocking, terrifying) :: gruesomemacadam {n} (surface of a road) :: Makadam {m} {n} macadamia {n} (macadamia nut) SEE: macadamia nut:: macadamia nut {n} (edible seed of the macadamia tree) :: Macadamia nut {f} macaque {n} (any monkey of the genus Macaca) :: Makak {m}, Makak {m} macaron {n} (pastry) :: Macaron {n} macaroni {n} (type of pasta) :: Macaroni {p} macaroni penguin {n} (Eudyptes chrysolophus) :: golden crested penguin macaroon {n} (soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough) :: macaroon Macau {prop} (a city just west of Hong Kong) :: Macaumacaw {n} (various parrots) :: Ara {m} MacBook {n} (device) :: MacBook {n} macchia {n} (shrubland biota) :: Macchie {f} mace {n} (weapon) :: mace mace {n} (ceremonial form of this weapon) :: Office staff mace {n} (a spice) :: Macis {f} Macedonia {prop} (ancient kingdom) :: Macedonia {n} Macedonia {prop} (Republic of North Macedonia, see also: Republic of North Macedonia) :: Macedonia {n} Macedonia {prop} (region of northern Greece) :: Macedonia {n} Macedonia {prop} (modern geographical region) :: Macedonia {n} Macedonian {adj} (of Macedonia or its people or language) :: Macedonian, MacedonianMacedonian {n} (person from Macedonia) :: Macedonian {m}, Macedonian {f} Macedonian {n} (Slavic language of Macedonia) :: Macedonian {n} Macedo-Romanian {prop} (Aromanian) SEE: Aromanian:: macerate {v} (to soften or separate by immersion in a liquid) :: maceratemacerator {n} (a machine that reduces solids to small pieces) :: ChopperMach {n} (ratio, see also: Mach number) :: do {n} machete {n} (a sword-like tool) :: Machete {f} Machiavellian {adj} (attempting to achieve goals by cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous methods) :: MachiavellianMachiavellianism {n} (philosophy) :: Machiavellianism Machiavellianism {n} (political maneuver) :: Machiavellism {m}, Realpolitik {f} machicolation {n} (opening between corbels that support a projecting parapet, or in the floor of a gallery or the roof of a portal, of a fortified building) :: Maschikuli {m} machination {n} (clever scheme or artful plot, usually crafted for evil purposes) :: Machenschaft {f} machine {n} (mechanical or electrical device) :: machine machine {n} (archaic: vehicle, automobile) :: machine machine {n} (a person who is very proficient) :: machine machine {v} (make by machine) :: producemachine {v} (shape or finish by machinery) :: to editmachine code {n} (machine language) SEE: machine language:: machine code {n} (machine code) :: Machine code {m}, machine code {m} machine gun {n} (type of firearm) :: Machine gun, machine gun machine-gunner {n} (someone who uses a machine gun) :: Maschinengewehr {n}, machine gunnermachine language {n} (set of instructions for a computer) :: Machine language {f}, machine code {m}, machine code {m} machine learning {n} (field of study) :: machine learning {n} machinelike {adj} :: machine-basedmachine-readable {adj} :: machine readablemachinery {n} :: machinery machine tool {n} (tool used for machining) :: machine tool machine translation {n} (act of translating something by means of a machine) :: machine translation machine-washable {adj} (dishwasher-safe) SEE: dishwasher-safe:: machinist {n} (operator) SEE: operator:: machinist {n} (one skilled in the use of machine tools) :: locksmith machismo {n} (exaggerated masculinity) :: machismo {m} Machmeter {n} (an instrument that measures the speed of an aircraft relative to that of sound and displays it in Mach numbers) :: Machmeter {m} Mach number {n} (ratio, see also: Mach) :: Mach number {f} macho {adj} (manly, tough) :: machomacho {n} (macho person) :: macho macho {n} (male llama) :: lama stallion mackerel {n} (edible fish) :: mackerel mackerel bird {n} (wryneck) SEE: wryneck:: mackerel sky {n} (sky filled with a regular pattern of altocumulus clouds) :: Schäfchenwolken {p}, Schäfchen {p} mackintosh {n} (raincoat in general) SEE: raincoat:: macramé {n} (textile) :: macrame {n} macro {adj} (very large in scale) :: macromacro {n} (an abbreviation of complicated input) :: macro {n} macro- {prefix} (large) :: macromacroblock {n} (block of adjacent pixels) :: Macroblock {m} macrocephaly {n} (a condition in which the head is abnormally large) :: macrocephaly {noun} macrocosm {n} (the universe) SEE: universe:: macrocosm {n} (a complex structure containing numerous smaller-scale structures) :: macrocosm macroeconomics {n} (study of the entire economy) :: macroeconomics macro language {n} :: macro language {f} macromolecule {n} (large molecule) :: macromolecule {noun} macron {n} (short, straight, horizontal diacritical mark) :: Längenstrich {m}, Längestrich {m}, macron {n}, extension character {n} macrophage {n} (type of white blood cell) :: Macrophage {m}, scavenger cell macroprudential {adj} (prudential on a system scale) :: macroprudential, macroprudentialmacroscopic {adj} (visible to the unassisted eye) :: macroscopicmacrostate {n} (group of properties) :: macrostate {m} macula {n} (anatomy: yellow spot near the center of retina) :: yellow spot mad {adj} (insane (adj.)) :: insane, crazy, great, insane, insanemad {adj} (angry) :: angryMadagascar {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: MadagascarMadagascar buzzard {n} (Buteo brachypterus) :: Madagascar buzzard {m} Madagascar wood rail {n} (Madagascar wood rail) :: Graukehlralle {f} madam {n} (polite term of address to a woman) :: Mrs. {f}, Miss {n} (traditionally, for unmarried women)madam {n} (woman who manages a brothel) :: Brothel mother, brothel landlady mad cow {n} (mad cow disease) :: Mad cow disease, mad cow disease mad cow disease {n} (informal: bovine spongiform encephalopathy) :: Mad cow disease madden {v} (make angry) :: maddeningmadden {v} (make insane) :: drive insanemadder {n} (plans) :: Färberkrapp {m}, Färberröte {f}, madder madder {n} (root) :: madder root madder {n} (dye) :: Krapprot {n}, madder dye, alizarin {n}, alizarin red {n} madder {n} (color) :: Krapprot {n} madder {adj} (color) :: madder redmade in China {adj} (manufactured in the PRC) :: Made in Chinamade in Japan {adj} (manufactured in Japan) :: made in Japanmadeleine {n} (small gateau in the shape of a scallop shell) :: Madeleine {f} {n} made man {n} (man whose fortune has been made) :: made man madhouse {n} (insane asylum) :: lunatic asylum, lunatic asylum Madhya Pradesh {prop} (Madhya Pradesh, India) :: Madhya Pradesh {n} madman {n} (An insane man) :: lunatic, madman, madman madness {n} (insanity) :: madness, madness madness {n} :: madness Madonna {prop} (Virgin Mary) SEE: Virgin Mary:: Madras {prop} (city) :: Madras {n} madrasa {n} (madrasah) SEE: madrasah:: madrasah {n} (school for Islamic theology) :: madrasah {f}; Madrasa Madrid {prop} (capital of Spain) :: Madrid {n} madrigal {n} (either musical sense) :: Madrigal {n} Madrilenian {adj} (of Madrid) :: MadridMadrilenian {n} (Someone from Madrid) :: Madrider {m}, Madrilene {m}, Madriderin {f}, Madrilenin {f} Madrileño {adj} (of Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian:: Madrileño {n} (Someone from Madrid) SEE: Madrilenian:: madrone {n} (strawberry tree) SEE: strawberry tree:: mad scientist {n} (stock character in popular fiction) :: mad scientist madwoman {n} (a woman who is insane) :: Crazy {f}, insane {f}, crazy Maecenas {n} (a generous benefactor; specifically, a patron of literature or art) :: patron maelstrom {n} (large whirlpool) :: Maelstrom {m} mafia {n} (a crime syndicate) :: Mafia {f} Mafia {prop} (international criminal organization of Sicilian origin) :: Mafia {f} Mafia {prop} (organized criminal syndicate) :: Mafia {f} Mafioso {n} (member of the mafia, see also: mobster) :: Mafioso {m}, Mafiosa {f} magazine {n} (periodical) :: Zeitschrift {f}, Journal {n}, Magazin {n} magazine {n} (ammunition storehouse) :: Magazin {n}, ammunition store {n} magazine {n} (ammunition clip or chamber enabling multiple rounds to be held before firing) :: Magazine {n} Magdalene {prop} (female given name) :: MagdalenaMagdalene {prop} (biblical character) SEE: Mary Magdalene:: Magdeburg {prop} (city) :: Magdeburg {n} mage {n} (magician, wizard or sorcerer) :: Magician, magician, sorcerer, sorcerer, sorcerer Magellanic penguin {n} (Penguin) :: Magellanic penguin magenta {n} (color) :: MagentaMaggie {prop} (female given name) :: Gretel {n} {f}, Greta {f}, Gretchen {n}, Grete {f}, Meta {f} maggot {n} (dipterous insect's larva that eats decomposing organic matter) :: Made {f}, meat made {f} maggot therapy {n} (type of biotherapy) :: Maggot therapy {f} maggoty {adj} (infested with and / or partially eaten by maggots) :: mady, worm-eatenMaghreb {prop} (region in Africa) :: Maghreb {n} Maghrebi {adj} (of or relating to the Maghreb) :: MaghrebianMagi {prop} (the wise men who gave gifts to Jesus) :: The Three Wise Men, Wise Men from the Orientmagic {n} (use of supernatural rituals, forces etc.) :: Magic {f}, Zauber {m}, sorcery, witchcraft magic {n} (ritual associated with supernatural magic or mysticism) :: magic magic {n} (illusion performed to give the appearance of magic or the supernatural) :: magic magic {n} (something spectacular or wonderful) :: magic magic {adj} (having supernatural talents, properties or qualities) :: magicalmagical {adj} (relating to magic) :: magical, magicalmagically {adv} (in a magical manner) :: fairytale, magical, magicalmagic carpet {n} (a carpet capable of magical flight) :: flying carpet magician {n} (practitioner of allegedly supernatural magic) :: magician, sorcerer, magician, sorceress, sorceress magician {n} (performer of tricks) :: Magician {f}, magician {f}, magician {f}, illusion artist {m}, illusion artist {f}, juggler magician {n} :: magician magic lantern {n} (early light projector) :: Laterna magica, Skioptikon {n} magic mushroom {n} (mushroom-like fungus that has psychedelic effects) :: magic mushroom magic square {n} (n-by-n arrangement of n2 numbers) :: magic squaremagic trick {n} (act of illusion or magic) :: Magic feat {n} magic wand {n} (wand used to perform magic) :: magic wand magic word {n} (word with magical effect) :: magic spell, magic word, magic formula magic word {n} (the word "please" or "thanks") :: magic word {n} magma {n} (molten matter) :: Magma {n} magmatic {adj} (of, related to, or produced by magma) :: magmaticMagna Carta {prop} (charter granted by King John to the barons at Runnymede in 1215) :: Magna Carta {f} Magna Graecia {prop} (Ancient Greek colonies in Italy and Sicily) :: Magna Graeciamagnality {n} (great or wonderful thing) SEE: miracle:: magnanimity {n} (The quality of being magnanimous; greatness of mind; elevation or dignity of soul) :: Generosity, generosity, greatness of soul, generosity, generosity, generosity magnanimous {adj} (noble and generous in spirit) :: magnanimousmagnesite {n} (a form of magnesium carbonate, O3, occurring as dolomite (with calcite) but rarely found in the pure state) :: Magnesite {m} magnesium {n} (chemical element) :: Magnesium {n} magnesium oxide {n} (white powder) :: Magnesium oxide {n} magnet {n} (piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism) :: Magnet {m} magnetic {adj} (of, relating to, caused by, or operating by magnetism) :: magneticmagnetic {adj} (having the properties a magnet) :: magneticmagnetic {adj} (determined by earth's magnetic fields) :: magneticmagnetic {adj} (having an extraordinary ability to attract) :: attractive, [slang] magneticmagnetic field {n} (a field of magnetic force) :: Magnetic field {n} magnetic moment {n} (magnetic moment) :: magnetic moment {n} magnetic pole {n} :: Magnetpol {m}, magnetic pole {m} magnetic resonance tomography {n} :: Magnetic resonance tomography {f} magnetic tape {n} (acrylic tape used for recording data) :: Magnetic tape {n} magnetism {n} (the property of being magnetic) :: magnetism magnetism {n} (science which treats of magnetic phenomena) :: magnetism magnetism {n} (power of attraction; power to excite the feelings) :: attraction magnetite {n} (a mineral) :: Magnetite {m} magnetize {v} (to make magnetic) :: magnetizemagnetochemistry {n} (branch of chemistry that studies the effect of magnetic field) :: Magnetochemistry {f} magnetoencephalography {n} (technique) :: Magnetencephalography {f}, Magnetoencephalography {f} magnetosphere {n} (region around a planet) :: magnetosphere {f} magnification {n} (act of magnifying) :: enlargement magnification {n} (apparent enlargement) :: enlargement magnificent {adj} (grand, elegant or splendid in appearance) :: splendidmagnificent {adj} (exceptional for its kind) :: excellentmagnify {v} (to make larger) :: enlargemagnifying glass {n} (instrument) :: magnifying glass magnitude {n} (of a vector) :: amount magnolia {n} (tree) :: Magnolia {f} magnolia warbler {n} (Dendroica magnolia) :: Magnolien-Waldsänger {m} magnum opus {n} (masterpiece) :: masterpiece magpie {n} (bird of genus Pica) :: Magpie {f} magpie-lark {n} (Grallina cyanoleuca) :: Thrush wagtailMagyar {adj} (Hungarian) SEE: Hungarian:: maharaja {n} (a Hindu prince ranking above a raja) :: Maharajah {m} Maharashtra {prop} (state in western India) :: MaharashtraMaharastra {prop} (Maharashtra) SEE: Maharashtra:: Mahilyow {prop} (Mogilev) SEE: Mogilev:: mahjong {n} (game for four players) :: Mah-Jongg {n} mahleb {n} (aromatic spice made from cherry stones) :: Mahlab {m} Mahlon {prop} (biblical character) :: Machlon {m} Mahlon {prop} (male given name) :: Machlon {m} mahogany {n} (tropical tree) :: mahogany tree mahogany {n} (wood) :: mahogany {n} Mahorais {n} (person from Mayotte) :: from MayotteMahoran {adj} (from Mayotte) :: by Mayottemahout {n} (elephant driver and keeper) :: Elefantentreiber {m}, Mahut {m}, Mahaut {m}, Mahout {m} mahr {n} (a mandatory gift from the groom to the bride upon marriage in Islamic cultures) :: Brautgabe {f} mahua {n} (mahwa tree) SEE: mahwa tree:: mahwa tree {n} (Madhuca longifolia) :: Mahwabaum {m}, mahuabaum {m} maid {n} (young female) :: girl maid {n} (female servant or cleaner) :: housemaid maiden {n} (unmarried young female) :: Jungfrau {f} (virgin), Mädchen {n}, Maid {f} [dated or poetic] maiden {n} (female virgin) :: Virgo {f} maiden {adj} (virgin) SEE: virgin:: maiden flight {n} (the first flight of an airplane) :: maiden flight maidenhair {n} (fern) :: Frauenhaarfarn {m}, Frauenhaar {n}, Venushaar {n} maidenhair fern {n} (maidenhair) SEE: maidenhair:: maidenhead {n} (virginity) :: virginity maidenhood {n} (condition of being maiden) :: virginity maiden name {n} (married woman's original last name) :: maiden name {m} Maiden's Tower {prop} (a tower located in the Bosphorus) :: Maiden's Towermaiden voyage {n} (first trip of a vessel) :: maiden voyage maid of honor {n} (the primary woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony) :: maid of honor maidservant {n} (female servant, maid) :: Zugehfrau {f} [dated], Mensch {f} [archaic], Mamsell {f} [dated], maid, housemaid, Thusnelda {f} [dated], Minna {f} [archaic ], Perle {f} [dated, slang], Filine {f} [archaic, student slang], Besen {m} [archaic, humorous], maid {f} maieutics {n} (Socratic method) SEE: Socratic method:: mail {n} (postal delivery system) :: Post {f} mail {n} (organization) :: Post {f} mail {n} (parcels and letters) :: Post {f} mail {n} (electronic mail) :: E-Mail {f} mail {v} (to send via the post) :: email, send, send, sendmail {n} (armor consisting of metal rings or plates linked together) :: chain mail, chain mail mailboat {n} (a boat used to transport mail) :: Post ship {n} mailbox {n} (box into which mail is put) :: mailbox mailing list {n} (collection of names and addresses) :: Mailing list {f}, distribution list mail lady {n} (woman who delivers the post or mail) :: Postwoman {f}, postman {f}, postman {f}, mail carrier {f}, deliverer {f} Maillard reaction {n} (condensation reaction of an amino acid) :: Maillard reaction {f} maillechort {n} (nickel silver) SEE: nickel silver:: mailman {n} (post office employee) :: Postman {m}, postman {m}, postman, postman, deliverer mailplane {n} (aircraft that delivers mail) :: mail plane {n} mail slot {n} (slot for mail delivery) :: letter slot, letter box mail train {n} (mail train) :: Postzug {m} maim {v} (to cause permanent loss of a part of the body) :: mutilate, mutilateMaimonides {prop} (medieval Jewish philosopher) :: Maimonidesmain {adj} (chief, most important, or principal in extent, etc.) :: main, mainlymain {n} (large pipe or cable) :: main line main {n} (mainland) SEE: mainland:: main {n} (high seas) SEE: high seas:: Main {prop} (river in southern Germany) :: Main {m} main building {n} (most important building of a group of buildings (e.g. in a school / university)) :: main building main clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone syntactically) :: main clause {m} main course {n} (main dish of a meal) :: main course main dish {n} :: main course, main course Maine {prop} (US State) :: Maine {n} [US state] mainframe {n} (large computer) :: mainframe computer mainland {n} (the main landmass of a country or continent) :: mainland, continent mainland China {prop} (area under the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) :: Mainland China {n} mainlander {n} (someone who lives on the mainland) :: mainlander, mainlander, mainlander, mainlander, mainlander mainly {adv} (chiefly; for the most part) :: mainlymainmast {n} (mainmast) :: main mast main road {n} (major road in a town, village etc.) :: Bundesstrasse {f} mains {n} (domestic electrical supply) :: Stromnetz {n} mainsail {n} (largest sail on a sailing vessel) :: mainsail {n} mainshock {n} (maximum shock in earthquake) :: main quake mainstay {n} (chief support) :: support mainstay {n} (nautical: stabilizing rope) :: big day mainstream {adj} (used or accepted broadly; common, usual or conventional) :: Mainstream, established, conventionalmainstream {n} (that which is common) :: main direction {f}, mainstream {m} main street {n} (principal street of a town) :: Hauptstrasse {f} Main Street {prop} (generic name of a primary street) :: Hauptstrasse {f}; Dorfstrasse {f} maintain {v} (to maintain, to consider) SEE: hold:: maintain {v} (to keep up) :: entertain, wait, maintain, maintainmaintainability {n} (ease with which something can be maintained) :: maintainability maintainable {adj} :: maintainablemaintaining {n} :: wait {n} maintenance {n} (keeping a machine or system in service) :: Maintenance {f}, maintenance maintenance {n} (legal: payment made to a spouse after a divorce) SEE: alimony:: main thing {n} (most important factor) :: main thing main verb {n} (verb in a clause with the highest semantic content) :: main verbMainz {prop} (the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate) :: Mainz {n} maisonette {n} (apartment, often on two floors) :: Maisonette {f}, maisonette apartment {f} maize {n} (corn; a type of grain of the species Zea mays) :: Mais {m}, [Germany (East Central German), Austria] Kukuruz {m}, [southeastern and western Austria, Liechtenstein] Türken {m}, [regional] Türkenkorn {n}, Turkish Korn {n}, Turkish Wheat {m}, Welschkorn {n}, [Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina)] Milje {m}, {n} majestic {adj} (having splendor or royalty) :: majesticmajestical {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic:: majestically {adv} (in a majestic manner) :: majesticmajestic plural {n} (plural used by a sovereign) :: Pluralis Majestatis {m} majesty {n} (the quality of being impressive and great) :: Majesty {f} Majesty {pron} (term of address for royalty and imperiality) :: Majesty {f} majiang {n} (mahjong) SEE: mahjong:: majlis {n} (council, assembly, or public meeting, in some Muslim countries or territories) :: Majlis {m} major {n} (military rank) :: Major {m} major {adj} (of great significance or importance) :: important, importantmajor {adj} (of full legal age; having attained majority) :: of legal agemajor {adj} (music: of a scale that follows the pattern: tone - tone - semitone - tone - tone - tone - semitone) :: majormajor {adj} :: large {f} major {n} (the main area of ​​study) :: Major subject major {n} (person of legal age) :: adult major {v} (to concentrate on a particular area of ​​study) :: specializemajorant {n} (function that dominates others) :: Majorante {f} major arcana {n} (Tarot cards) :: Major Arcana {p}, Trump Cards {p}, Trionfi {p} major axis {n} (longest diameter of an ellipse) :: main axis Majorca {prop} (island) :: Mallorca {n} majordomo {n} (head servant) :: Majordomus {m}, caretaker, housekeeper, caretaker majordomo {n} (manager of an estate; overseer of a farm) :: Gutsverwalter {m}, property manager {m} majordomo {n} (any overseer, organizer, person in command) :: Overseer, administrator, managing director major general {n} (a military officer) :: Major General {m}, Major General {f} majority {n} (more than half) :: Majority {f}, majority {f} majority {n} (legal adulthood) :: adulthood major key {n} (music: a musical key based upon a major scale) :: Major key {f}, major {n} major scale {n} (diatonic scale) :: major major third {n} (interval of four semitones) :: major third majuscule {n} (upper-case letter) SEE: capital letter:: Makassar {prop} (city in Indonesia) :: Makassar {n} make {v} (to construct) :: make, buildmake {v} (to produce) :: make, producemake {v} (to create) :: domake {v} (to interpret) :: do, interpretmake {v} (to bring into success) :: domake {v} (to cause to be) :: domake {v} (to cause to do) :: let, bringmake {v} (to force to do) :: let, forcemake {v} (to indicate or suggest to be) :: domake {v} (to cover with bedclothes) :: domake {n} (brand) :: make, brand make a big thing out of {v} (to make a foot about) :: to make a mess; make a fuss about itmake a joke of {v} (make light of) SEE: make light of:: make a killing {v} (to win or earn a large amount of money) :: do the big rubbish, make rubbish, earn a golden nosemake a living {v} (earn enough income) :: to earn a living [oneself in dative case] make amends {v} (to repair a relationship; to make up; to resolve an argument or fight; to make reparations or redress) :: Give satisfactionmake a mistake {v} (to err) :: Mistakemake a mountain out of a molehill {v} (to treat a problem as greater than it is) :: to make an elephant out of a mosquito make an effort {v} (to try; to work towards a goal) :: Make an effort ["yourself" is in the dative case], make an effortmake an exhibition of oneself {v} (to embarrass oneself in public) :: make a fool of yourself, embarrass yourselfmake a show of oneself {v} (To embarrass oneself or others in public) :: make a fool of oneself; to make a fool of yourself; look ridiculous; stand out uncomfortablymake a spectacle of oneself {v} (To embarrass oneself or others in public) :: make a fool of oneself; to make a fool of yourself; look ridiculous; stand out uncomfortablymake a virtue of necessity {v} (to make the best of a difficult situation) :: Make a virtue of necessitymake do {v} (to get by (with)) :: Satisfy oneself, make do, get along, come to terms with oneself, make do with, get along, get there, reach out, suffice, make do with, be satisfied, get alongmake ends meet {v} (get by financially) :: make ends meet, get through the monthmake for {v} (set out to go to, move towards) :: to steer towards [+ accusative], to strive towardsmake friends {v} (to create friendships) :: Find friends, make friendsmake friends {v} (to befriend, to become closer) :: make friendsmake fun of {v} (tease, ridicule) :: make fun of, ridiculemake hay {v} (to cut grass to turn into hay) :: Make haymake hay while the sun shines {v} (act while an opportunity exists) :: forge the iron for as long as it is calledmake head or tail of {v} (understand even minimally) :: figure it outmake it {v} (to succeed in doing something, for example in reaching a place, or getting there on time) :: to make itmake it {v} (to survive, to live through something) :: to make itmake it {v} (to become famous and successful) :: to make itmake known {v} (to announce generally) :: announce, announcemake known {v} (to disclose a secret) :: reveal, chat, spread the wordmake light of {v} (regard without due seriousness) :: do not take too seriously, do not worry about it, take it lightlymake love {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse, see also: copulate) :: Make lovemake music {v} (to sing or play a musical instrument) :: make musicmake out {v} (to draw up; designate as the recipient) :: issue, addressmake out {v} (to discern) :: perceive, notice, notice, recognize, read out, noticemake out {v} (to manage, get along) :: get through, cut offmake out {v} :: make out, kiss hot, smooch, kiss, kissmake over {v} (To renovate) :: renovate, refurbish, revise, repair, redesignmakeover {n} (a major change in use or appearance) :: Remodeling, revision, renovation, redesign