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Watchdogs: Legion Autodrive Tips

Let the car go on the wrong side of the road for you

In this Watch Dogs: Legion guide, you'll learn all about the Autodrive feature that (some) cars offer. We'll tell you how it works, when to use it, how to turn it on and off, and we'll explain some of its quirks.

What is Autodrive and how does it work?

Autodrive is an autopilot setting for some cars in Watch Dogs: Legion’s London. When you get into a car, all you have to do is push a button and the car will take you to your destination on its own.

The car will do frustrating things like stopping at red lights, respecting speed limits, avoiding pedestrians and staying on the correct side of the street (this is in London so remember, this is objectively the wrong side of the street). It's slow, but also low-key and safe.

How to tell which cars have Autodrive

The utodrive icon ((A)) will be displayed in the upper right corner of the windshield of this taxi. Image: Ubisoft Toronto / Ubisoft via online game

Not every car has Autodrive, but luckily it's easy to tell if it's equipped. Look for the stylized A logo on the windshield (and sometimes the side windows) - like a combination of an A and a Wi-Fi logo ... or an uppercase A in four brackets.

Turning it on and off is confusing

When you turn on ((A)) utodrive, you will get a voice confirmation from the car, but the message “Turn off Autodrive” will appear on your screen. It says “turn off autodrive” means that the autodrive is turned on.

Think of it this way: the Autodrive on / off button works like a play / pause button on a smartphone. When something is playing, the button changes to a pause symbol. When a video is paused, it becomes a play button. When Autodrive is on, the prompt is also turned off, and vice versa.

When is Autodrive used?

As you play Watch Dogs: Legion, you'll discover more and more of London, including Tube stations. Tube stations serve as quick travel destinations so you can quickly jump around London. However, you'll need to physically travel to them first, which means you'll likely be using Autodrive earlier in the game if you don't have subway station options.

Use Autodrive for what it is: a hands-free mode. Set a waypoint, press the autopilot button and relax. We tend to turn off the controller and make a cup of coffee (or tea if you want an even more immersive experience). Let the game do the work for you.

Autodrive is also helpful when you have problems driving on the right (wrong) side of the road.

You need to set a waypoint (not just pursue a mission)

One early confusion we encountered is the difference between tracking a mission and waypoints. If you're on a mission, your map will be highlighted in yellow for the next step. If you get into a car and at that point activate Autodrive, the car will continue straight until the street is empty. You will not get to the mission location you are tracking as it is not a waypoint.

However, when you create a waypoint, you will get a path along the roads to get to that point. You need a waypoint before Autodrive will take you where you want to go.

Having a difference between a tracked mission marker and a waypoint is more useful than you might initially expect. For example, a mission with an Albion Guardian on your team could be easier. If you recruit them you might be all over town, but everything is for the bigger mission.