Who will win the Sino-Japanese War

Who was at war for 30 years and why?

Course of the war

After the Palatinate was conquered by Catholic troops, the Protestants fled to the north. This in turn called the Danes and later the Swedes on the scene, who saw their country threatened and also fought for political supremacy.

After defeating the Danes, Ferdinand II saw himself as the winner. In the Edict of Restitution, he reclaimed dioceses that had become Protestant. But that now triggered particularly fierce resistance. In addition, Sweden now entered the war and won several battles. The imperial generals Tilly and Wallenstein found death, one in battle, one by murder. The Swedish troops advanced south, but lost there.

Now the Protestant imperial estates made peace with the emperor. Before a peace agreement could be reached with Sweden, France entered the war, which wanted to prevent Ferdinand and the Habsburgs from gaining supremacy. Now the cruelest chapter of the war followed with a particularly high number of deaths. Looting was the order of the day.