Abubakar Gumi, where I am politically


The advancing digitization and the associated social and economic change offers an unprecedented potential to become economically successful with the implementation of ideas and to actively shape social change.

Business start-ups and startups are also actively promoted politically. Young companies in particular are confronted with very specific issues. What do I have to do to start up? Where can I find funding opportunities? How do I secure my financing? What challenges do I face when my company grows?

Answering all of these very specific business and founding-relevant topics independently as a startup can tie up urgently needed resources of the company, depending on the orientation of the company and the founder. Here I support you with topics like:


Business plan creation

A well thought-out business plan is the basis for a successful company.


Financing and funding

Analysis of financial needs and advice on suitable funding opportunities.


Business support & interim management

Recognizing strengths and weaknesses makes it possible to build up extensive user knowledge precisely.


Process development & management

Depending on the company's focus, individual company processes can be automated using an IT solution.


Organizational structures & personnel

Development of organizational structures and personnel structures from the actual analysis to the vision of an organizational structure.


Coaching & Feedback

Often an outside view of one's own development can help to see issues clearly and to tackle them.