To whom do Cabarnet Gardens of the Night belong

    That a competition can be an incentive is nothing new. The city of Karben is now betting on an effect. We are looking for the most natural and beautiful front gardens in the districts.

    The garden contest has been running since the beginning of April under the title »Blooming Front Gardens«. It lasts until August 31st. The campaign should not only bring added value for the residents of Karben. The flora and fauna, and especially the microclimate in urban areas, could benefit from the result.

    "Big things can happen even in small areas," says the city of Karben as the motto in its announcement. With a few tricks, every front yard can become a lively biotope. In times of increasingly hot summers, this is an important aspect and a feel-good factor.

    Front gardens as Air conditioning

    The organizer of the competition that has just started is the environmental protection officer, Melanie Jakob. In the green and yet in the middle of the city, she presents the advantages of such a planting. She advises against a species-poor gravel desert near the house, which is supposedly much easier to maintain.

    "A front yard should be more than that," explains the garden and landscape architect. »Especially in summer, when the sun really heats up during the day, a green and blooming front garden can serve as a natural air conditioning system and provide shade. Water is stored and cools the environment, ”she explains. »In metropolitan areas, but also in rural regions, this cools you down, especially at night. This increases people's wellbeing. In addition, many animals find a suitable habitat. "

    The city of Karben is now striving for precisely these effects. Last but not least, the competition it has launched should bear fruit in the numerous new development areas. Melanie Jakob knows that young families often have little time for such things. Precisely for this reason, an incentive to maintain biodiversity and to improve the urban climate is important. "A front yard shouldn't just be a gravel area with a mailbox and doorbell," she says.

    But what should the "prime example" of a beautiful front yard actually look like? What does it take to be able to win an award at the end of the summer? Of course, there are also clear ideas and criteria on the part of the organizer. Basically, the area should be designed to be natural and balanced, with plants that are best in bloom all year round.

    Depending on the season, daffodils, lilies of the valley, lady's mantle or privet would be suitable for beautiful greenery, for example. "In other words, native plant species," explains Jakob. »Little paved areas, insect hotels, dead wood remains for the animals, a green house facade as a nesting facility, simply a good mix of everything are criteria that come into question for assessment. The front yard should simply be an eye-catcher. ”In the end, the decision will more or less be in the eye of the beholder. Interested citizens of the city of Karben are invited to submit meaningful photos and a brief description of their property to the city administration by email by the end of August. The photos can show the development of the beds from spring to summer.

    Online voting determines winners

    Applications can be sent to Faculty 5 by email or conventional mail. A jury of experts will then select the best ten from all the entries.

    This committee includes Melanie Jakob, Sylvia Neitzel from BUND and Eric Rau from Karbener Wertstoffhof. In the end, the population can decide on places one to five in an online voting on the city of Karben's social media pages. The environmental officer has another tip ready for all participants: »You can also send us several pictures that document the development of the front garden in different phases. The period from spring to late summer makes that possible. "

    Participate until the end of August

    Photos and a short description of your own garden can be sent by email to [email protected] or by post to the city administration by August 31st. A jury then selects the ten best gardens that go into online voting. The winner can look forward to a bonus of 500 euros for the other places 400, 300, 200 and 100 euros. jsl