Java Jmock vs Mockito though

Mockito vs JMock

I am experimenting with converting some of my unit tests from using JMock to using Mockito and have hit a few stumbling blocks.

Firstly in my tests when using JMock the verification and returning of the stub happen in one step as follows

This essentially verifies that the method is being called and returns a canned value at the same time. The test fails if isBeforeToday method is NOT called and returns my canned value of true at the same time. Whereas when using Mockito I have to verify that the method is being called and then return my canned value in separate steps which are pretty much a duplicate as follows:

Is there no way to do this in one step?

Secondly, if I forget to list a method call to one of my mocks in my expectations, JMock fails the test with "Unexpected invocation exception" which in my opinion is correct whereas Mockito will happily pass the test unless I explicitly verify that a method call to the mock must never happen, is this correct (seems wrong)? Is there a way to tell mockito to fail the test if unexpected method calls are made to my mocked out dependencies?