What Koala Likes to Eat

What do koalas eat?

Healthy snacks for koalas are eucalyptus leaves. In fact, these are the only food for the cute tree dwellers. A koala eats up to 1 kg of leaves and bark from the eucalyptus tree every day. Koalas do not drink, they only ingest water through their food. There are around 600 different types of eucalyptus. However, koalas eat very few of them. With the help of their sensitive nose they can distinguish between inedible and good leaves.

Koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day. They only wake up at night to forage and eat. Koalas need so much sleep to digest the hard-to-digest eucalyptus leaves, which are low in nutrients and also contain numerous toxins.

Koalas are actually not bears, but marsupials and live in Australia. They can only be found on the east coast. Koala males are up to 85 cm tall and weigh 14 kg, while females are slightly smaller and weigh around 4–10 kg. The animals can live up to 20 years and have a brownish-silver-gray woolly coat. Their enemies are birds of prey and dingoes. The habitat of the koalas is constantly shrinking; due to deforestation and development, the animals begin to live in cities. However, around 4,000 koalas are run over by cars or attacked by dogs every year.