Gpsmap 64. How to synchronize the geocache log

GPS data transfer

GPX data transfer from the Android smartphone / tablet to the Garmin GPS device (via USB OTG cable)

Update 10/2020

For a long time, Garmin outdoor sat navs were dependent on a Windows PC or Mac. Anyone who wanted to drive / run tours from the web or search for geocaches first had to download them to the PC and transfer them to the GPS device via USB cable. Android smartphones or tablets are very widespread and are able to replace the PC for downloads and GPS data transfer. In addition, more and more users are using apps like Komoot for route planning, but relying on a Garmin for navigation outside. You can couple certain devices with the phone and thus synchronize them, you can also send waypoints / routes / tracks from GPS device to GPS device. Garmin still does not provide an open Bluetooth interface, as known from Android or iPhone. Thus, the data transfer via USB OTG cable (connection cable) remains in combination with a file manager app.

File manager app for your smartphone or tablet

The GPX file is transferred using 'copy-and-paste / copy and paste'. For this you can use the preinstalled Android file manager, this app is called 'My files' (Samsung SM-T590 Galaxy Tab A), 'Files' (Sony Xperia XZ1 Phone), 'Filemanager' or 'File manager'.
I consider the convenient Solid Explorer File Manager to be a recommendable alternative, which you can install via Google Play, whereby an extra USB OTG plug-in is required here.
After you have connected your Garmin to the phone / tablet with a USB OTG cable, your Garmin should be listed as an external USB storage device. Remember to switch the navigation system to mass storage mode, normally a request to do so appears on the navigation system display.

With the Android browser you can search for and download suitable tours over the mobile Internet (or via WLAN). The Komoot app now also offers a GPX export of the tours. Offline, or in areas without a mobile network, the Android app Locus Map Pro replaces the PC map software Basecamp.

Tracks or waypoints must be available as GPX files and usually end up in the smartphone's download folder.

The procedure can be slightly different depending on the devices and apps involved. I was able to connect the GPSmap 64s to the Sony Xperia XZ1 like this:
Call up the file manager> Connect the cable: first into the smartphone> then into the Garmin> Confirm the query mass storage with Yes> The GPS device should now be listed in the file manager as an external USB storage device.
Attention: the MicroSD also appears as a separate storage device, the data transfer should normally take place on the internal memory.

Now it is possible to copy and paste GPX files from the smartphone memory (e.g. download folder) into the folder \ Garmin \ GPX or \ Garmin \ NewFiles of the GPS device.

You can see the download and data transfer using the Komoot example here:
GPX track 'Komoot> Garmin' via USB OTG cable

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Anyone who still has an older Garmin device (models before approx. 2008), e.g. the eTrex Vista or the legendary GPSMap 60CSx, is dependent on an Android app called Exchanger for Garmin.