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The Lynx infantry fighting vehicle is set to be Rheinmetall's new bestseller. The US military could buy 4,000 units of the armored personnel carrier.

Rheinmetall could face a gigantic order. The US military is looking for a replacement for 3800 aged Bradley armored personnel carriers. The traditional German armaments company is also hoping for the order with its Lynx model.

USA could buy 4,000 Lynx armored personnel carriers

With its Lynx, Rheinmetall and its US partner Raytheon could win the contract for a concept study this year. The prototype phase could begin in two years. If you prevail against the competition, you will receive an order for 4,000 vehicles, which will bring in 40 billion euros. In order to even have a chance of winning, Rheinmetall wants to manufacture the armored personnel carriers entirely in the USA. The replacement of the Bradley armored personnel carrier is to take place from 2028.

Lynx has some new features. Die Welt reports that the armored personnel carrier will receive its own drone to monitor the battlefield. A sensor-microphone system should be able to automatically localize enemy shooters who fire at the tank. In addition, Lynx is said to have a "killer-killer capability". This means that the tank can fight different targets with its weapons at the same time.

Lynx has already been sold to Hungary

There are already indications that Lynx could become Rheinmetall's new bestseller. Hungary has already ordered 218 models. Including the support vehicles and services such as simulators, the order has a volume of over two billion euros, according to the company. The next billion-dollar order could come from Australia as early as this year. According to Rheinmetall, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy are also showing interest in the Lynx.

Rheinmetall relies entirely on armaments

With arms spending rising around the world, good times are ahead for Rheinmetall. For the business with tanks and military trucks, the group sees an order potential of up to 60 billion euros in the next ten years. Now the focus is entirely on the military. This business area is expected to grow from 3.7 billion euros last year to 5.5 billion euros by 2025.

They want to withdraw from the ailing automotive business, whose sales fell by 21 percent to 2.2 billion euros in 2020. The piston business with around 4,000 employees is now to be sold.

Leopard tank is Rheinmetall's best-known product

Rheinmetall is best known for the Leopard battle tank, which is built together with Krauss-Maffei. The Puma infantry fighting vehicle is also a joint project. The Lynx, on the other hand, was developed in-house by Rheinmetall.