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Who invented the radio? - Useful information

The radio has become an indispensable entertainment instrument that can accompany you every step of the way. There is hardly a household or workplace where you can't hear the radio at least quietly in the background. But who knows who is responsible for these devices that have become a matter of course? The question of who invented the radio can often only be answered with a shrug.

It is not so easy to understand who invented the radio

  • Success often has many fathers, and the radio, which we have loved, is one of the inventions that has only been further developed over the years and has become what it is today in many small steps. It is a matter of where you look at who invented the radio. With this question, do you want to find out who created the basic requirements for the device that offers information and entertainment that can be found everywhere or should the inventor who was the first to carry out the wireless transmission of sounds to a location kilometers away? .
  • The individual steps from the beginnings of the radio to the devices currently available can still be traced back today. Different inventors actually appear here, who from their point of view can certainly all have done something to improve or further develop. Even the courts had to clarify matters in order to be able to name the person who really invented the radio.

Who now really deserves the honor - different opinions

  • The first man who succeeded in collecting electromagnetic waves and who published this in the magazine "Journal of the Russian Society for Physics and Chemistry" as early as 1896 was the Russian Alexander Stepanowitsch Popow. Since he described his radio in detail in his article, many began to develop this invention further based on the plans of the Russian physicist. One of these "imitators" was the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, who built a forerunner of today's radio exactly according to Popow's specifications and applied for a patent on the result.
  • All of the Russian's later objections bounced off Marconi. As can be seen from this, the very beginning of this reception technology was fraught with the question of who really invented the radio. It is certain, however, that the owner of the patent was undoubtedly Marconi at the time and was therefore considered to be the inventor of this new type of device.
  • It was not until 1943 that the highest American court found who had really invented the radio. Half a year after his death, Nikola Tesla was recognized as the inventor of the radio. In his patent specifications, even before Marconi, he described in an impressive and detailed manner in connection with his main area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest - wireless energy transmission - the mode of operation according to which radio transmissions are still carried out today.
  • Unfortunately, due to the long time it took to come to a conclusion in this case, this judgment was largely ignored and hardly noticed. Because of this, when asked who invented the radio, you can still get different answers. Until July 2012, there was no contestation of the judgment given by the Supreme Court. So Nikola Tesla still has to be named as the inventor of the radio.

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